The ugliest car prototype in the world

Say hello to Rolls-Royce’s first Driverless car or “vision future”.

An absurdly ugly prototype car it is but with interesting ideas. The front-end view leaves little to be admired, apart from the glass design Rolls-Royce ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ emblem on the bonnet which looks special. But away from the external design disaster, the car in fact, is very interesting on the inside. While Roll-Royce don’t have a clue what will actually power this vehicle, away from stressing that it will have zero-emissions and most probably be electric, the vehicle shows a future design trend that car companies are predicting for our very bright, driverless future. If you remember the Mercedes-Benz F-015, the other hybrid driver/driverless car. It has a front seat for the driver, but with a spin of the chair the driver can put his back to the road, let the electronics take over and enjoy the company of his or her passengers.


Roll-Royce have shown what the world would be like, when Mr. or Ms. millionaire, wish to buy a driver-less vehicle. No more front seat, and just one ‘sofa’ in the vehicle, with a wide opening wing door so that the passenger does not have to crouch. Maybe this is a design trend in future, such as seen in the Google driverless vehicles, that are driving around the streets of San Francisco, with just a seating area for two passengers.

The question would be then why oh why does Rolls-Royce, in this vision future have a front bonnet? Most electronic vehicles’ battery packs can be stored on the floor of the vehicle, and thus improve the weight ratio of the vehicle. Such as that famously carried out by Tesla in their Model S, X and forthcoming model 3.

The covering up of the wheels is ununderstandable too. This design choice, adopted by other car companies for future prototype designs and more specifically by Rolls-Royce’s owner, BMW, baffles me. How does the vehicle turn, and how do you replace  the tyre when it goes bust? Maybe BMW and Rolls-Royce are banking on the new airless tyres such as that designed by Bridgestone which cannot be punctured. Either way, the design decision to cover up the tyres looks pointless.

All in all though, the internal design and vision of this car looks interesting. Like how originally horse and carts where designed to hold two people and a horse, Rolls-Royce have imagined a future where there will only need to be two seats in a luxury car and instead of a horse, a computer to guide us on our way.

See more of the Rolls-Royce in the video:


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