Retro Toyota Land-Cruiser: too cool

Details. I love them. Details adorn this Retro Toyota Land-cruiser. Too cool for school. The dials, the old style speedometer. It reminds me of the good old days, when everything was simpler and everything rattled with every bump in the road. To see it so shiny without any wear and tear, or without any dust for that matter, is very peculiar, but special.

The guys who created this were not Toyota, but a company called “The FJ company,”. They do these built to order and cost from $55,000. This particular one is a re-maker of the 1981 Land-Cruiser FJ43

pic1 toyota

Seeing that the speedometer has only 7.7 kilometers on the clock looks cute.

speedometer from afar

speedometer close

I want one. Not to drive. Just to look at. Check out more pics below.

butt side viewsideview2backviewside viewside mirror 2sidemoirrorthingfrontindicatorfront image 2front pullyfrontlight2front lightpullyoilcanbacklightswheeldoorleftdoorengine coolantengine coolantengine2totyotsa motor badgeEngineEngineback seats foldedback seatsFJcompany logo seatredthinggear knobpedalsclickerdials radiodialspic1 toyota

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